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October 29, 1997







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Skengdo, born on October 29, 1997, is a public figure hailing from England. Skengdo, whose real name is Terrell Doyley, rose to prominence as a rapper and songwriter. He gained recognition as one half of the rap duo, "Skengdo x AM," alongside his musical partner AM. Together, they have made significant contributions to the UK drill music scene. Born in England, Skengdo's exact birthplace remains undisclosed. However, his birthdate places him under the zodiac sign of Scorpio, known for its determination, intensity, and resourcefulness. Skengdo's musical journey began in the early 2010s when he and AM formed their duo. They quickly gained attention with their unique style, characterized by hard-hitting beats, gritty lyrics, and a distinctive flow. Their music often reflects the realities of life in urban areas, addressing social issues and personal experiences. The duo's breakthrough came with the release of their mixtape, "2 Bunny," in 2016. This project showcased their lyrical prowess and established them as rising stars within the UK drill scene. Skengdo and AM continued to build their reputation with subsequent releases, including the mixtapes "2 Bunny 2" and "2 Bunny 3." Skengdo's music has garnered a significant following, with millions of views on platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud. Some of their most popular tracks include "Mad About Bars," "Pitbulls," and "Macaroni." Despite their success, Skengdo and AM faced legal challenges related to their music. In 2018, they were issued a court order that prohibited them from performing certain songs without police permission due to concerns about the potential for violence. This incident sparked debates about the influence of drill music on crime and led to discussions about censorship and artistic expression. Skengdo's impact extends beyond his music. He has become a recognizable figure within the UK drill scene, known for his distinctive dreadlocks and fashion sense. His style often reflects the urban culture he represents, blending streetwear with personal flair. While Skengdo's personal life remains relatively private, his dedication to his craft and the influence he has had on the UK drill music scene cannot be denied. His contributions have helped shape the genre and solidify his position as a notable figure within the industry. In conclusion