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Keith B Alexander

July 7, 1969

Portland, OR


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Decorated United States Army General of the Persian War and sixteenth director of the National Security Agency. He also headed both the United States Cyber Command and the Central Security Service. Before Fame After attending the United States Military Academy at West Point and while working for the National Security Agency's signals intelligence unit, he earned graduate degrees from Boston University, the National Defense University, and the Naval Postgraduate School. Trivia In late 2013, he retired from his post at the National Security Agency and was replaced in early 2014 by fellow military officer Michael S. Rogers. Family Life He grew up in the Syracuse suburb of Onondaga Hill, New York. His marriage to his high school classmate Deborah Lynn Douglas resulted in four daughters. Associated With He graduated from West Point in the same class as fellow (future) United States Army Four-Star General David Petraeus.

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