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Kayla Ward

August 2, 1990



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Transgender model/performer and actress who's recorded her transition from male to female on YouTube, Instagram and Tumblr. She's been represented by NTA Talent and uses her platform to encourage transgender acceptance and awareness by sharing her own story and experiences.  Before Fame She was an ordained minister and attended a Baptist college as well as having worked as a missionary for many years. She credits the death of her infant sister with giving her the perspective that God doesn't make mistakes, but due to the hatred she's seen in organized religion, she hasn't been to a church since her transition.  Trivia She's worked as an assistant video/motion picture editor at the website Into and has also worked as a receptionist for the dating app Grindr.  Family Life Her father's name is John Dalbey and she considers him one of her main role model/performers.  Associated With She's friends with Todrick Hall and the two have been pictured together at Disneyland on her Instagram.

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