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Katy Perry’s $225 Million Mega-Deal: Litmus Music Secures Rights to Chart-Topping Hits!

Prepare for a musical explosion of seismic proportions!

The pop sensation, Katy Perry, has just inked a staggering deal with Litmus Music for a jaw-dropping $225 million. This lucrative agreement involves the rights to her iconic tracks such as “Teenage Dream,” “Hot N Cold,” and “California Gurls.” Litmus Music, established in 2022 and helmed by ex-Capitol Records bigwig Dan McCarroll, now owns the melodies that have set our hearts ablaze for years.

Although Perry remains silent on this groundbreaking decision, McCarroll couldn’t contain his admiration. “Katy Perry is an artistic beacon, illuminating realms spanning music to philanthropy,” he expressed to Variety. “It’s an absolute privilege to collaborate once more and oversee her phenomenal musical legacy.”

A hiatus followed her 2020 album ‘Smile,’ but don’t mistake it for an exit. Perry’s muse? The heartwarming bond with her daughter, Daisy Dove, shared with partner Orlando Bloom.

Speaking to Good Morning America, she reflected, “Since welcoming my beautiful Daisy, there’s been no new music. My current compositions are drenched in the love I’ve discovered— a love that’s profound and boundless.”

While Perry basks in maternal warmth and crafts new melodies, she emphasizes the need for balance. “Always crafting, always evolving. Yet, my current mission? Savoring the world I’ve built and cherishing every moment with my 3-year-old. But I promise, I’ll be back, and it will be worth the wait.”

Despite a brief pause in new releases, Perry hasn’t dimmed her stage lights. Her recent commitments include several Las Vegas Residencies, further cementing her position in the industry.

In her words, “I cherish this journey of evolution— as an artist, a human, a mother. The gift? The chance to continually sprinkle happiness into hearts through the canvas of art and entertainment.”