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Kathie Candoo

August 23, 1994



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Widely known as the matriarch of the EATING with the CANDOOS YouTube channel. She has gained popularity there alongside her five children and husband for their eating vlogs and reviews of their various meals.  Before Fame She began her YouTube channel in December 2015.  Trivia One of her YouTube channel's most popular video/motion pictures, "MUKBANGASMR Eating Fast Food - Orcutt Burger (Father & Son)," has amassed more than 650,000 views.  Family Life Her five children's names are Joanna, Camryn, Leah, Forrest, and Beatrix. Her husband's name is Andy. Her family has a pug named Olive.  Associated With She and Jessica Skube are both known for their vlogging alongside their families of seven on YouTube. 

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