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Katherine Wolf

August 16, 1953

Paris, France


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Known for giving talks on a diverse group of subject including survival and hope. Having gone through her own share of experiences ranging from 40 days on life support to two years in brain rehabilitation, she shares her journey and life through Instagram for her over 200,000 followers.  Before Fame In an Instagram post shared in January of 2018, she detailed her experiences of the surgery she had in 2008. Having recovered, she published a book in April of 2016 entitled "Hope Heals: A True Story of Overwhelming Loss and an Overcoming Love".  Trivia She has given talks at several acclaimed institutions including Oklahoma Baptist University, Samford University, and the University of Mobile, Ram Hall.  Family Life Her talks and motivational speeches often center around her husband Jay who went through the journey with her.  Associated With She shared a picture with fellow motivational speaker Greg Laurie through Instagram in August of 2017. 

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