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Kassidy Miller

November 11, 1992

Houston, TX


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Digital creator known for her kasspovs TikTok account, which has accrued 370,000 fans. She posts comedy sketches dating, student life and family interactions. She also posts trends and challenges.  Before Fame She began using TikTok in December of 2020. In high school, she was in show choir and had leads in musicals in northwest Indiana. Trivia Her low.key.kas Instagram account consists of portraits, some of which are taken in formal wear. One of her most popular video/motion pictures is a "thinking of you" POV that features the song "Paris Loves Lovers" by Cole Porter. Family Life She is from Cedar Lake, Indiana. Her parents are divorced and she has step parents. Associated With On December 12, 2020, she posted a TikTok video/motion picture set to holiday music by Michael Bublé. 

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