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Karuna Satori

June 9, 1986



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Known in the YouTube community as an ASMRtist, her tingle-inducing video/motion pictures have earned her more than 1.2 million subscribers. Her ASMR video/motion pictures have often featured her role-playing different characters for the listener.  Before Fame She launched her KarunaSatoriASMR channel in October of 2013.  Trivia She created a secondary channel called Karuna Satori BASIC, featuring her vlogs and life stories. She wrote in her YouTube biography that her name means compassion and sudden enlightenment.  Family Life Her husband Victor is also an ASMR artist and runs a channel called Essence of ASMR. She has kids named Satori and Odin. Associated With She and Kayla Suzette are both members of the ASMR community on YouTube. 

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