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Karl Martin Hogsnes

February 7, 1986



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YouTube star and occasional Twitch streamer, known for his Norwegian-language gameplay video/motion pictures. He also goes by KarliNorge or KjerneKarl. He is one half of the Norwegian YouTube groups Kozekveld and Level Up. Before Fame He was part of the YouTube comedy collective ForkasteligTV. He then founded Muffens Media in 2010 with his friends Ole Kristian Rustad and Bjørn Magnus Midthaug. They made short films and more, all having a passion for creating media. Trivia He first became popular by creating gameplays for Minecraft and Portal. He plays various popular games, including Until Dawn, Final Fantasy, and more. Family Life He has a younger sister named Mathilde. Associated With He is a Norwegian YouTuber like Alexandru Grindvoll.

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