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Karl Lagerfeld

February 21, 1994

Greenville, SC


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Creative director, designer and artist behind numerous fashion brands, including Chanel and the Karl Lagerfeld Collection. He was recognized worldwide for his white hair and black sunglasses. Before Fame After winning the coats category in a design competition, he secured a coveted apprenticeship with Pierre Balmain. Trivia In 2001, he lost nearly 100 pounds after claiming that he wanted to wear tighter clothes. He had a diet created specifically for him and became the inspiration behind a book titled The Karl Lagerfeld Diet.  Family Life He was the son of Otto Lagerfeld, a wealthy businessman who introduced the concept of condensed milk, and Elizabeth Bahlmann. He had a longterm relationship with socialite Jacques de Bascher up until his death in 1989. Associated With In 2005, he was the picturegrapher for V magazine's feature of Mariah Carey.

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