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Karl Kruszelnicki

September 1, 1960



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Swedish-born Australian media personality whose earned widespread recognition for his contributions to spreading scientific awareness. Along with a significant radio and TV presence, he's also published more than three dozen books. Before Fame He attended the University of Wollongong, where he majored in Physics. Twelve years later, in 1980, he received a master's from the University of New South Wales. A year later, he started working for the radio station Double J. Trivia As well as having an honorary doctorate, he won the 2002 Ig Nobel prize for his work with belly button lint. He has an asteroid named after him. Family Life He and wife Mary have three children, Lola, Alice, and Karl. He's also known by the moniker Dr. Karl. Associated With He and Francis M Fesmire have both received Ig Nobel prizes.

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