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Karent Hinestroza

August 3, 1990



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She had her screen debut in 2009, playing Jazmín in the Oscar Ruiz Navia film The Overturning of Crab. In 2018 she began playing the role of Tina Manotas on the hit show La Mamá Del 10 Before Fame She holds a a degree in dramatic art from University of the Valley.  Trivia In 2014 she won a Best Actress India Catalina Award for playing Charity Murillo in the telenovela The Selection.  Family Life On June 18, 2017, she posted a picture with her father. The caption read "My dance partner, my first love - My Papi!"  Associated With Carolina Lopez, Marcela Benjumea and Diego Vásquez are amongst her La Mamá Del 10 costars. 

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