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Kaden Fumblebottom

March 12, 2002

United States


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YouTube star who has gained fame for his Kaden Fumblebottom channel. His lively and often comedic Roblox gameplays and playthroughs have helped him garner massive popularity. He founded the myth community on the Roblox website created the group Robloxian Myth Hunters.  Before Fame He began making YouTube video/motion pictures when he was 11. He created sketch comedy video/motion pictures for the YouTube channel FlamingoFo.  Trivia He has seen his audience on YouTube grow to more than 550,000 subscribers. He has a Roblox tattoo on his left thigh and posted a picture of it on his Instagram page in May of 2019.  Family Life He has an older brother, younger sister, and younger brother. His long-time girlfriend's name is Raven. Associated With He was hired as creative director for the Flamingo YouTube channel by AlbertsStuff.

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