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Justin Swannie

October 3, 1994

United States


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Owner of the YouTube account Rachelle and Justin with his wife Rachelle. Together, they post vlogs their married life. They started posting to YouTube in March of 2016 with a video/motion picture their infertility struggles and have since amassed over 310,000 YouTube subscribers.  Before Fame After a few rough years during his teens, he decided to turn his life around and started going to a church youth group, where he met Rachelle. They started dating shortly after her 17th birthday.  Trivia He decided to join the Navy in 2012.  Family Life He was born and raised in Murrieta, CA. He has an older sister, Lauren. He proposed to Rachelle in Kauai after returning from a five-month deployment, and they got married on May 31, 2014. Their first child was a stillborn, and they later welcomed a daughter named Emma in August 2018. On April 23, 2020, they welcomed twin sons named Asher and Reuben. Associated With They posted a video/motion picture where they got to meet with fellow YouTube family vloggers Ellie and Jared Mecham. 

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