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Justin Marloo

March 10, 1998

United States


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Comedian on Instagram who makes parodies of life hack video/motion pictures and reaction video/motion pictures on his self-titled account, which has earned more than 320,000 followers. He also co-runs the Justin Marloo & Jaylynn YouTube channel which has accrued over 190,000 subscribers.  Before Fame When he created his account in 2016, he used it to primarily upload selfies. He didn't begin to make his comedy video/motion pictures until August of 2017. Trivia He created a second Instagram account called atlmarloo. Family Life He and his girlfriend Jaylynn have had a YouTube channel together since 2016. Associated With He'd publish content on YouTube as well, including one reaction video/motion picture of himself watching RiceGum's "God Church" video/motion picture.

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