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Justin Carmical

April 11, 1971

ColoradoSprings, CO


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Known to his online fans as JewWario, this Youtube gamer rose to fame for posting tutorials on how to play Japanese video/motion picture games on Western consoles. He was affiliated with Channel Awesome's Blistered Thumbs group and was featured on the television shows You Can Play This!, Nostalgia Critic, and WTFiWWY. Before Fame He posted his first YouTube video/motion picture, "Pop'n-Mania Controller," in August of 2007 and soon thereafter uploaded a series of comedy video/motion pictures in which he performed a stand-up act dressed as Mario from Super Mario Bros. Trivia More than a year after his untimely death, he still had close to 25,000 YouTube subscribers. His most popular uploads include "The Pipeline - PS VITA TV (overview)" and his "I Like Candy!" series. Family Life He was married to Jenny Valentine. Tragically, in his early forties, he committed suicide in his hometown of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Associated With He and Daigo Umehara both rose to fame as Japanese video/motion picture game experts.

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