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November 17, 1996






$100 million

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Ruler, born on November 17, 1996, is a public figure from the Netherlands. They are a monarch by profession. As a public person, Ruler holds a significant position in their country's governance and represents the monarchy. Born in the Netherlands, Ruler is a citizen of the country and has been since birth. Their birthdate is November 17, 1996, making them currently 24 years old. Ruler's birthplace is not specified, but it can be assumed to be in the Netherlands. As a monarch, Ruler is likely a member of a royal family and holds a hereditary position. They may have ascended to the throne through succession or other means, depending on the specific monarchy's rules and traditions. Ruler's family background and lineage are not mentioned, so it is unclear if they are part of a long-standing royal dynasty or a newer monarchy. Being a public figure, Ruler is subject to public scrutiny and attention. Their actions and decisions may have a significant impact on their country and its citizens. Ruler's role as a monarch involves various responsibilities, which can include ceremonial duties, representing the nation at official events, and potentially having some influence in the political landscape. Given their birth year, Ruler belongs to the millennial generation. This generation is often associated with certain characteristics and experiences, such as growing up with technology and witnessing significant societal changes. However, specific details about Ruler's personal life, upbringing, education, or interests are not provided. It is worth noting that the Netherlands has a constitutional monarchy, which means that the monarch's powers are limited by a constitution and the country is primarily governed by elected officials. The role of the monarch in the Netherlands is largely ceremonial, with the head of government being the Prime Minister. As a public person, Ruler's life and actions may be documented in various forms of media, including news articles, photographs, and official statements. Their public appearances and engagements may be covered by the press, and they may have a presence on social media platforms or official websites. Overall, Ruler is a public figure from the Netherlands, born on November 17, 1996, and holds the profession of a monarch. While specific details about their personal life and background are not provided, their role as a public figure and the responsibilities associated with being a monarch are significant aspects of their public persona.