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Euphoria” Season 3: Zendaya’s Role Expands, but Release Remains a Mystery

While fans of HBO’s “Euphoria” eagerly await its third season, series creator Sam Levinson provides tantalizing insights into what lies ahead.

Zendaya in the Spotlight

Those eager to continue their journey with HBO’s “Euphoria” will have to be patient. The drama series, crafted by the brilliant mind of Sam Levinson, won’t be returning until 2025. One of the contributing factors is the packed schedule of leading actress Zendaya. Levinson has hinted in a recent interview that her character will play an even larger role in the upcoming episodes, aligning with his new visions for the series.

Season 3 Embraces “Film Noir”

Levinson, in a conversation with US-based magazine “Elle”, mentioned how Zendaya constantly seeks fresh challenges. It appears he’s ready to offer her one in the third season of the successful HBO series. He envisions the new season as a “Film Noir”, which means that the spotlight will be intensely focused on the flawed heroine, Rue (played by Zendaya). Together, they aim to explore “what it means to be an individual with principles in a corrupt world,” Levinson stated.

A Beloved Character Will Be Missed

What does this mean for Rue’s journey? At the end of “Euphoria” season 2, she seemed determined to stay sober. Whether she faces relapse in the third season remains to be seen when the series returns. Tragically, the show will be without a popular character. Angus Cloud, who portrayed Fezco, passed away in late July at the age of 25. His co-stars expressed their grief on social media, paying tribute with touching posts.