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Alex Len

Basketball player

Alex Len


June 16, 1993


Antratsyt, Ukraine




$10 million

Estimated Networth

Who is Alex Len? Bio and Background of Alex Len

Alex Len, born on June 16, 1993, is a professional basketball player. He is known for his exceptional skills as a center and has played for various teams in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Len was born in Antratsyt, Ukraine, and began playing basketball at a young age. He quickly showed promise and joined the youth team of BC Dnipro in his hometown. His talent and dedication led him to represent Ukraine in international competitions, including the FIBA Europe Under-18 Championship. In 2011, Len made the decision to move to the United States to pursue his basketball career further. He enrolled at the University of Maryland and played for the Maryland Terrapins men's basketball team. During his two seasons with the Terrapins, Len showcased his skills and earned recognition as one of the top centers in college basketball. After his sophomore year, Len declared for the NBA draft in 2013. The Phoenix Suns selected him as the fifth overall pick, making him the highest-drafted Ukrainian player in NBA history at the time. This marked the beginning of his professional career in the NBA. Throughout his NBA journey, Len has played for several teams, including the Phoenix Suns, Atlanta Hawks, Sacramento Kings, and Washington Wizards. He has consistently demonstrated his abilities as a dominant force in the paint, utilizing his height and wingspan to block shots and secure rebounds. Standing at an impressive 7 feet 0 inches tall, Len possesses a strong presence on the court. His size and agility allow him to be a formidable defender, often challenging opponents at the rim. Additionally, he has developed a reliable mid-range jump shot, adding versatility to his offensive game. Len's professional career has seen him face various challenges, including injuries that temporarily sidelined him. However, he has shown resilience and determination, bouncing back and continuing to contribute to his teams. Off the court, Len is known for his philanthropic efforts. He has been involved in charitable initiatives, supporting causes such as children's hospitals and community development programs. In summary, Alex Len is a Ukrainian-born professional basketball player who has made a name for himself in the NBA. With his exceptional skills as a center, he has played for multiple teams and continues to showcase his talents on the court. Despite facing challenges, Len remains a dominant force and actively contributes to charitable endeavors.