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Alex Grey


Alex Grey


November 29, 1953


Columbus, OH




$5 million

Estimated Networth

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Alex Grey, born on November 29, 1953, is an American artist known for his unique and intricate artwork that explores themes of spirituality, consciousness, and the interconnectedness of all beings. Grey's work spans various mediums, including painting, sculpture, and performance art. Here are some key facts about Alex Grey: 1. Early Life: Alex Grey was born in Columbus, Ohio, and grew up in a Catholic household. His interest in art began at a young age, and he started drawing and painting as a child. 2. Education: Grey attended the Columbus College of Art and Design, where he studied art and developed his skills in various techniques. He later pursued a graduate degree in fine arts at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. 3. Chapel of Sacred Mirrors: In 1996, Grey and his wife, artist Allyson Grey, founded the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (CoSM) in New York. CoSM is a contemporary sacred art museum and spiritual center that showcases Grey's artwork and hosts various events, workshops, and ceremonies. 4. Tool Album Artwork: Grey gained significant recognition for his collaboration with the American rock band Tool. He created the artwork for their albums "Lateralus" (2001) and "10,000 Days" (2006), which showcased his distinctive style and intricate detailing. 5. The Sacred Mirrors: One of Grey's most notable series of artworks is "The Sacred Mirrors." This collection consists of a series of large-scale paintings that depict the human body in a transparent, anatomically detailed manner, revealing the spiritual and energetic aspects of the individual. 6. Transfigurations: Another significant series by Grey is "Transfigurations," which explores the interconnectedness of all beings and the universal consciousness. These paintings often depict multiple figures merging and transforming into one another, symbolizing the unity of existence. 7. Ayahuasca Influence: Grey's artwork is heavily influenced by his experiences with the psychoactive plant medicine Ayahuasca. He has participated in numerous Ayahuasca ceremonies, which he believes have deepened his spiritual connection and expanded his artistic vision. 8. Teaching and Workshops: Grey is also known for his teaching and workshops on art, creativity, and spirituality. He has lectured at various universities and art institutions worldwide, sharing his insights and techniques with aspiring artists and enthusiasts. 9. Exhibitions and Recognition: Grey's artwork has been exhibited in numerous galleries and museums globally,