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Alec John Such


Alec John Such


November 14, 1951


Yonkers, NY




$5 million

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Who is Alec John Such? Bio and Background of Alec John Such

Alec John Such, born on November 14, 1951, is a public figure known for his contributions to the music industry. Here are the facts about Alec John Such: 1. Birth and Early Life: Alec John Such was born on November 14, 1951, in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, United States. 2. Musical Career: Such gained prominence as the bassist for the American rock band Bon Jovi, which was formed in 1983. He joined the band shortly after its inception and played a crucial role in shaping their sound. 3. Band Membership: Alec John Such was a member of Bon Jovi from 1983 to 1994, during which the band achieved immense success and became one of the most popular rock bands of the era. 4. Contributions to Bon Jovi: Such's bass playing skills and harmonies were integral to the band's sound, adding depth and richness to their music. He played on several of Bon Jovi's hit albums, including "Slippery When Wet" (1986) and "New Jersey" (1988). 5. Songwriting: While primarily known for his bass playing, Such also contributed to songwriting within Bon Jovi. He co-wrote songs like "I Believe" from the album "Keep the Faith" (1992) and "Diamond Ring" from the album "These Days" (1995). 6. Live Performances: Alec John Such was known for his energetic stage presence and captivating performances during Bon Jovi's live shows. His bass solos and interactions with the audience were highlights of their concerts. 7. Departure from Bon Jovi: In 1994, Such left Bon Jovi due to personal reasons. The exact circumstances surrounding his departure have remained private, and he has not rejoined the band since. 8. Post-Bon Jovi Career: Following his departure from Bon Jovi, Such has maintained a relatively low public profile. He has occasionally made guest appearances at Bon Jovi concerts, but has not pursued an active music career. 9. Philanthropy: Alec John Such has been involved in various charitable endeavors throughout his life. He has supported causes such as cancer research, children's hospitals, and organizations focused on helping the less fortunate. 10. Personal Life: Details about Such's personal life are scarce, as he has preferred to keep a low profile. He has maintained privacy regarding his relationships, family, and personal interests.