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That Girl Lay Lay


That Girl Lay Lay


January 28, 2007


Houston, TX





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Who is That Girl Lay Lay? Bio and Background of That Girl Lay Lay

That Girl Lay Lay, born on January 28, 2007, is a young talent who has gained recognition for her skills in rapping and acting. Despite her young age, she has already made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Here are some interesting facts about her: 1. Birth and Early Life: That Girl Lay Lay, whose real name is Alaya High, was born on January 28, 2007. She hails from Houston, Texas, and has shown a passion for music from a very young age. 2. Rapping Career: Lay Lay gained widespread attention when a video of her freestyling went viral on social media platforms. Her impressive flow, clever wordplay, and confident delivery caught the attention of many, leading to her being dubbed as the "Youngest Female Rapper." 3. YouTube Channel: Lay Lay has her own YouTube channel, where she shares her music videos, freestyles, and behind-the-scenes content. Her channel has garnered a significant following, with millions of views on her videos. 4. Acting Endeavors: In addition to her rapping skills, Lay Lay has also ventured into acting. She has appeared in various television shows and movies, showcasing her versatility as a performer. 5. Record Deal: Lay Lay signed a record deal with Empire Distribution, a prominent independent record label. This partnership has allowed her to further develop her musical career and reach a wider audience. 6. Debut Single: Lay Lay released her debut single, "Go Lay Lay Go," in 2018. The song received positive feedback and showcased her unique style and lyrical abilities. 7. Social Media Presence: Lay Lay is active on various social media platforms, including Instagram, where she shares updates about her music, performances, and personal life. Her engaging content has attracted a large following. 8. Collaborations: Lay Lay has collaborated with several well-known artists, including rapper Lil Blurry and singer Young Lyric. These collaborations have helped her expand her network and gain exposure in the music industry. 9. Awards and Recognition: Despite her young age, Lay Lay has already received recognition for her talent. She has been nominated for and won various awards, including the BET Social Awards' "Best New Artist" category. 10. Inspirational Figure: Lay Lay serves as an inspiration to many young aspiring artists. Her determination, talent, and work ethic have motivated others to pursue their dreams and believe in their abilities. These facts provide a