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Akio Morita


Akio Morita


January 26, 1921







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Who is Akio Morita? Bio and Background of Akio Morita

Akio Morita, born on January 26, 1921, in Nagoya, Japan, was a renowned Japanese businessman and co-founder of Sony Corporation. He played a significant role in shaping the global electronics industry and revolutionizing consumer electronics. Here are some key facts about his life and achievements: 1. Early Life: Akio Morita was the eldest son of Kyuzaemon and Shigeko Morita. His family owned a sake brewery, and he grew up in a traditional Japanese household. Morita developed an interest in electronics from an early age. 2. Education: Morita attended the prestigious Osaka Imperial University (now Osaka University), where he studied physics. During his university years, he became involved in various research projects and gained a deep understanding of technology. 3. World War II: In 1943, Morita graduated from university and joined the Imperial Japanese Navy. He served as a lieutenant during World War II and was stationed in Japan, where he worked on developing communications devices for the military. 4. Co-founding Sony: In 1946, Morita teamed up with his friend Masaru Ibuka to establish Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo (Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation), which later became Sony Corporation. Initially, the company focused on repairing electronic equipment and manufacturing voltmeters. 5. Innovative Products: Under Morita's leadership, Sony introduced several groundbreaking products to the market. In 1950, they developed Japan's first tape recorder, the G-Type. This was followed by the introduction of the transistor radio in 1955, which revolutionized the audio industry. 6. International Expansion: Morita recognized the importance of expanding Sony's presence beyond Japan. In 1959, he traveled to the United States to establish Sony's first overseas office in New York. This marked the beginning of Sony's global expansion. 7. Walkman Revolution: One of Sony's most iconic products, the Walkman, was introduced in 1979. Morita played a pivotal role in its development, envisioning a portable music player that would allow people to enjoy music on the go. The Walkman became a cultural phenomenon and transformed the way people listened to music. 8. Honors and Awards: Throughout his career, Morita received numerous accolades for his contributions to the electronics industry. He was awarded the Albert Medal by the Royal Society of Arts in 1982 and was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in the United