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Aimee Graham


Aimee Graham


September, 20, 1971







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Who is Aimee Graham? Bio and Background of Aimee Graham

Aimee Graham, born on September 20, 1971, in Wisconsin, is a public figure known for her contributions in the entertainment industry. Here are the facts about her life: 1. Early Life: Aimee Graham was born and raised in Wisconsin, a state located in the Midwestern region of the United States. 2. Family Background: She comes from a talented family, as her father is a former FBI agent and her mother is a housewife. Aimee has two siblings, including her older sister, actress Heather Graham. 3. Education: Details about Aimee Graham's educational background are not widely available. However, it is known that she pursued a career in the entertainment industry. 4. Acting Career: Aimee Graham has appeared in various films and television shows throughout her career. Some of her notable acting credits include roles in movies such as "Perfume" (2001), "Jackie Brown" (1997), and "From Dusk Till Dawn" (1996). 5. Collaborations: Aimee Graham has had the opportunity to work with renowned directors and actors in the industry. For instance, she collaborated with Quentin Tarantino in the crime film "Jackie Brown" and Robert Rodriguez in the horror film "From Dusk Till Dawn." 6. Filmography: In addition to her notable roles, Aimee Graham has appeared in several other films, including "Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the Thirteenth" (2000), "Falcon Down" (2000), and "The Nightmare Room" (2001). 7. Television Appearances: Apart from her work in films, Aimee Graham has also made appearances on television shows. She had guest roles in popular series such as "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" (2001), "ER" (1999), and "Charmed" (1999). 8. Modeling Career: Aimee Graham has also ventured into the modeling industry. She has been featured in various magazines and has worked with renowned photographers. 9. Personal Life: Details about Aimee Graham's personal life are not widely known. She has maintained a relatively private life, focusing more on her career in the entertainment industry. 10. Other Interests: Besides acting and modeling, Aimee Graham has shown interest in other creative endeavors. However, specific details about her other interests or hobbies are not readily available. These facts provide a