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Ahren Stringer


Ahren Stringer


June 5, 1986






$2 million

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Ahren Stringer, born on June 5, 1986, is an Australian public figure known for his contributions to the music industry. He has gained recognition as a talented musician and vocalist, primarily in the genre of metalcore. Here are some key facts about Ahren Stringer: 1. Early Life: Ahren Stringer was born in Australia, although specific details about his birthplace are not available. His upbringing and family background remain undisclosed. 2. Musical Career: Ahren Stringer is best known as the bassist and clean vocalist for the Australian metalcore band, The Amity Affliction. The band was formed in 2003 in Gympie, Queensland, and has since gained a significant following both in Australia and internationally. 3. Band Formation: Ahren Stringer joined The Amity Affliction shortly after its formation. The band initially consisted of Ahren, along with Joel Birch (unclean vocals), Troy Brady (lead guitar), and Garth Buchanan (drums). Over the years, the band's lineup has undergone changes, but Ahren has remained a constant member. 4. Discography: Ahren Stringer has contributed to The Amity Affliction's extensive discography. The band has released several studio albums, including "Severed Ties" (2008), "Youngbloods" (2010), "Chasing Ghosts" (2012), "Let the Ocean Take Me" (2014), "This Could Be Heartbreak" (2016), "Misery" (2018), and "Everyone Loves You... Once You Leave Them" (2020). 5. Musical Style: The Amity Affliction's music is characterized by a blend of heavy metalcore instrumentation, melodic hooks, and emotionally charged lyrics. Ahren Stringer's clean vocals often provide a contrast to Joel Birch's aggressive unclean vocals, contributing to the band's distinctive sound. 6. Live Performances: Ahren Stringer is known for his energetic and engaging stage presence during live performances. The Amity Affliction has toured extensively, both in Australia and internationally, sharing stages with renowned bands and performing at major music festivals. 7. Personal Life: Details about Ahren Stringer's personal life, including relationships, family, and hobbies, are not widely available. He maintains a relatively private persona, focusing primarily on his musical career. 8. Social Media Presence: Ahren Stringer maintains a presence