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Ahmo Hight


Ahmo Hight


September 18, 1973






$5 million

Estimated Networth

Who is Ahmo Hight? Bio and Background of Ahmo Hight

Ahmo Hight, born on September 18, 1973, in California, is a public figure known for her achievements and contributions in various fields. Here are the facts about Ahmo Hight: 1. Birth and Early Life: Ahmo Hight was born on September 18, 1973, in California, United States. Unfortunately, no further details about her early life, family background, or upbringing are available. 2. Education: Information regarding Ahmo Hight's educational background remains undisclosed, and no specific details about her academic achievements are known. 3. Career in Modeling: Ahmo Hight gained recognition as a successful model during her career. She appeared in numerous high-profile magazines, including Playboy, where she was featured as a Playmate of the Month in February 1998. 4. Acting Endeavors: Apart from her modeling career, Ahmo Hight also ventured into acting. She appeared in a few movies, including "The Scorpion King" (2002), where she played the role of a harem girl. However, her acting career seems to have been relatively short-lived. 5. Fitness and Bodybuilding: Ahmo Hight is known for her dedication to fitness and bodybuilding. She has participated in various fitness competitions, including the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) competitions. 6. IFBB Pro Card: Ahmo Hight achieved a significant milestone in her fitness journey by earning her IFBB Pro Card. This card is awarded to athletes who demonstrate exceptional skills and achievements in the field of bodybuilding and fitness. 7. Fitness Training and Coaching: Ahmo Hight has utilized her expertise and experience in fitness to become a fitness trainer and coach. She has shared her knowledge and helped others achieve their fitness goals through personalized training programs. 8. Philanthropy: Ahmo Hight has been involved in charitable activities, although specific details about her philanthropic endeavors are not widely available. 9. Personal Life: Information about Ahmo Hight's personal life, including her relationships, family, and children, remains undisclosed and private. 10. Social Media Presence: Ahmo Hight maintains a relatively low profile on social media platforms. While she may have accounts on various platforms, her level of activity and engagement with her audience is limited. Please note that the information provided above is based on available sources and may not be exhaustive.