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Adolf Dassler


Adolf Dassler


November 3, 1900


Herzogenaurach, Germany




$1 billion

Estimated Networth

Who is Adolf Dassler? Bio and Background of Adolf Dassler

Adolf Dassler, born on November 3, 1900, in Herzogenaurach, Germany, was a notable figure in the world of sports and entrepreneurship. He co-founded the renowned sportswear company Adidas, leaving a lasting impact on the athletic industry. Here are the facts about Adolf Dassler: 1. Early Life: Adolf Dassler was born into a family of shoemakers. His father, Christoph Dassler, owned a small shoe factory in Herzogenaurach, where Adolf grew up. 2. Passion for Sports: Adolf Dassler developed a deep interest in sports from a young age. He was particularly fascinated by athletics and soccer, which later influenced his career choices. 3. Shoemaking Expertise: Adolf Dassler acquired extensive knowledge and skills in shoemaking through his father's business. He learned the art of crafting shoes and gained insights into the industry's intricacies. 4. First Shoe Innovations: In the 1920s, Adolf Dassler began experimenting with innovative shoe designs to enhance athletic performance. He focused on creating specialized footwear for different sports, aiming to improve athletes' comfort and efficiency. 5. Foundation of Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik: In 1924, Adolf Dassler, along with his brother Rudolf Dassler, established the Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik (Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory). The brothers combined their skills to manufacture sports shoes, initially operating from their mother's laundry room. 6. Olympic Success: Adolf Dassler's breakthrough came during the 1936 Berlin Olympics when he convinced American sprinter Jesse Owens to wear his handmade track spikes. Owens went on to win four gold medals, bringing international attention to Dassler's footwear. 7. World War II: During World War II, the Dassler factory was converted to produce military footwear. Adolf Dassler served in the German army, and the war significantly impacted the company's operations. 8. Post-War Rivalry: After the war, tensions arose between Adolf and Rudolf Dassler, leading to a strained relationship. The brothers eventually split, with Rudolf founding Puma, a competing sportswear brand, in 1948. 9. Adidas Emerges: In 1949, Adolf Dassler officially registered his new company as Adidas, derived from his own name, "Adi" Dassler