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Adesua Etomi


Adesua Etomi


February 22, 1988


Owerri, Nigeria




$2 million

Estimated Networth

Who is Adesua Etomi? Bio and Background of Adesua Etomi

Adesua Etomi, born on February 22, 1988, in Owerri, Nigeria, is a Nigerian actress and model. She gained prominence in the Nigerian entertainment industry through her exceptional talent and captivating performances. Etomi's rise to fame has been marked by numerous achievements and contributions to the film industry. Etomi completed her primary and secondary education in Nigeria before moving to the United Kingdom to pursue higher education. She obtained a degree in Drama and Performance from the University of Wolverhampton. This educational background laid a solid foundation for her acting career. In 2014, Etomi made her acting debut in the Nigerian film industry, commonly referred to as Nollywood, with a role in the movie "Knocking on Heaven's Door." Her exceptional performance in this film earned her a nomination for Best Actress in a Leading Role at the 2015 Africa Magic Viewers' Choice Awards (AMVCA). Etomi's breakthrough came in 2016 when she starred in the romantic comedy-drama film "The Wedding Party." This movie, directed by Kemi Adetiba, became a huge success and gained international recognition. Etomi's portrayal of the character Dunni Coker was widely praised, and she won the Best Actress in a Drama award at the 2016 AMVCA. Continuing her successful streak, Etomi starred in several other critically acclaimed films, including "The Arbitration" (2016), "10 Days in Sun City" (2017), and "The Wedding Party 2" (2017). Her versatility as an actress allowed her to effortlessly transition between different genres, showcasing her range and talent. Etomi's talent extends beyond acting, as she is also a skilled model. She has graced the covers of various magazines and has been featured in numerous fashion campaigns. Her elegant and graceful presence has made her a sought-after face in the fashion industry. In addition to her acting and modeling career, Etomi is known for her philanthropic endeavors. She actively supports charitable causes and has been involved in initiatives aimed at empowering women and children in Nigeria. Etomi's talent, dedication, and hard work have earned her several accolades throughout her career. She has received numerous nominations and awards, including the Best Actress in a Leading Role at the Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) and the ELOY Awards. Adesua Etomi continues to captivate audiences with her exceptional performances and remains a prominent figure in the Nigerian entertainment industry.