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Addison Osta Smith


Addison Osta Smith


April 15, 2005


Oakland, CA




$1 million

Estimated Networth

Who is Addison Osta Smith? Bio and Background of Addison Osta Smith

Addison Osta Smith, born on April 15, 2005, in Oakland, CA, is a notable individual who has achieved recognition in various fields. Here are the facts about Addison Osta Smith: 1. Birth and Early Life: Addison Osta Smith was born on April 15, 2005, in Oakland, California, to her parents whose names are not publicly known. 2. Education: Information regarding Addison Osta Smith's education is not available at this time. 3. Culinary Skills: Addison Osta Smith gained prominence for her exceptional culinary skills at a young age. She showcased her talent on the sixth season of the popular cooking competition show, MasterChef Junior, which aired in 2018. 4. MasterChef Junior Journey: Throughout her time on MasterChef Junior, Addison Osta Smith consistently impressed the judges and viewers with her creativity, technical abilities, and passion for cooking. She competed against other talented young chefs, showcasing her skills in various culinary challenges. 5. Winner of MasterChef Junior: Addison Osta Smith emerged as the winner of MasterChef Junior Season 6, earning the title of the youngest winner in the show's history at the age of 12. Her victory showcased her exceptional talent and dedication to the culinary arts. 6. Cooking Style: Addison Osta Smith's cooking style is diverse and versatile. She has demonstrated proficiency in preparing a wide range of dishes, including both savory and sweet creations. 7. Social Media Presence: Addison Osta Smith has a significant presence on social media platforms, including Instagram, where she shares her culinary creations, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and updates on her personal life. Her engaging content has garnered a substantial following. 8. Philanthropy: Addison Osta Smith has utilized her platform to support charitable causes. She has participated in events and initiatives aimed at raising funds and awareness for organizations dedicated to helping those in need. 9. Personal Interests: Apart from her culinary pursuits, Addison Osta Smith has other interests and hobbies that are not publicly known. 10. Future Endeavors: As of now, information regarding Addison Osta Smith's future endeavors, such as potential collaborations, projects, or career aspirations, is not publicly available. These facts provide an informative overview of Addison Osta Smith's background, achievements, and interests.