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Abe Fortas


Abe Fortas


June, 19, 1910







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Abe Fortas, born on June 19, 1910, in Memphis, Tennessee, was an American attorney and jurist. He made significant contributions to the legal field throughout his career. Fortas attended Southwestern at Memphis (now Rhodes College) and later graduated from Yale Law School in 1933. After completing his education, Fortas embarked on a successful legal career. He co-founded the law firm Arnold, Fortas & Porter in 1946, which became renowned for its expertise in constitutional law and civil liberties. Fortas represented various high-profile clients, including Lyndon B. Johnson, during his early years as a lawyer. Fortas gained national recognition when he was appointed by President Johnson as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States in 1965. He served on the Court until 1969. During his tenure, Fortas played a pivotal role in several landmark cases, including Miranda v. Arizona, which established the requirement for law enforcement to inform individuals of their rights upon arrest. In addition to his judicial work, Fortas was involved in various legal and academic activities. He taught at Yale Law School as a professor and served as a consultant to the Secretary of the Interior during the Kennedy administration. Fortas also authored several influential legal writings, including books and articles on constitutional law and civil liberties. However, Fortas faced controversy during his time on the Supreme Court. In 1968, he was nominated by President Johnson to become Chief Justice, but the nomination was met with opposition from senators who raised concerns about his ethics and financial dealings. Ultimately, Fortas withdrew his nomination, becoming the first nominee for Chief Justice to do so. Following his resignation from the Supreme Court in 1969, Fortas returned to private practice. He continued to be involved in legal matters and served as a consultant to various organizations. Fortas passed away on April 5, 1982, leaving behind a legacy of legal expertise and contributions to the American judicial system. In summary, Abe Fortas was a prominent American attorney and jurist, born on June 19, 1910, in Tennessee. He co-founded the law firm Arnold, Fortas & Porter and represented notable clients before being appointed as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court by President Johnson. Fortas played a significant role in landmark cases and contributed to legal academia. Despite controversy surrounding his nomination for Chief Justice, Fortas left a lasting impact on the legal field.