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Abba Eban


Abba Eban


February 2, 1915






$5 million

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Abba Eban, born on February 2, 1915, in Cape Town, South Africa, was a notable public figure who made significant contributions in various fields throughout his life. Eban's family moved to the United Kingdom when he was a young child, and he grew up in London. He later attended Cambridge University, where he excelled academically and developed a passion for international relations and diplomacy. During World War II, Eban served in the British Army's Intelligence Corps, where he utilized his linguistic skills in Arabic, Hebrew, and Persian to gather intelligence in the Middle East. This experience laid the foundation for his future involvement in Middle Eastern affairs. After the war, Eban became deeply involved in the Zionist movement, advocating for the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine. He played a crucial role in the United Nations' decision to partition Palestine, leading to the creation of the State of Israel in 1948. Eban himself was present at the UN General Assembly when the historic vote took place. Eban's diplomatic career flourished as he served as Israel's ambassador to the United Nations from 1950 to 1959. During his tenure, he became known for his eloquence and persuasive oratory skills, which earned him respect and admiration from colleagues and adversaries alike. Eban played a pivotal role in shaping Israel's foreign policy and defending its interests on the international stage. In 1959, Eban was appointed as Israel's Minister of Foreign Affairs, a position he held for a remarkable decade. During this time, he skillfully navigated the complexities of the Cold War era, forging alliances with both Western and non-aligned nations. Eban was instrumental in strengthening Israel's diplomatic ties with African and Asian countries, expanding its global influence. Eban's expertise in diplomacy and international relations led him to become a sought-after speaker and author. He wrote several books, including "My People: The Story of the Jews" and "Personal Witness: Israel through My Eyes," which provided valuable insights into the history and challenges faced by the Jewish people and the State of Israel. Throughout his career, Eban was known for his intellectual prowess, linguistic abilities, and deep understanding of the complexities of the Middle East. He was a staunch advocate for peace and played a crucial role in negotiations with Arab nations, including his involvement in the Camp David Accords in 1978. Abba Eban's contributions to Israel's foreign policy and his tireless efforts in promoting