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Aaron Reid

Music producer

Aaron Reid


November 10, 1989


Atlanta, GA




$5 million

Estimated Networth

Who is Aaron Reid? Bio and Background of Aaron Reid

Aaron Reid, born on November 10, 1989, in Atlanta, GA, is a public figure known for his various accomplishments and contributions. Here are the facts about Aaron Reid: 1. Early Life: Aaron Reid was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, to his parents, Antonio "L.A." Reid and Perri "Pebbles" Reid. His father, L.A. Reid, is a renowned music executive and producer, while his mother, Pebbles, is a singer-songwriter and entrepreneur. 2. Family Background: Aaron Reid comes from a musically inclined family. His father, L.A. Reid, has played a significant role in shaping the music industry, having worked with numerous successful artists and founded record labels such as LaFace Records and Hitco Entertainment. His mother, Pebbles, achieved success as a recording artist in the 1980s and later became a music executive. 3. Education: Aaron Reid pursued his education at a private school in Atlanta. However, specific details about his educational journey are not widely available. 4. Musical Talents: Aaron Reid has showcased his musical talents as a singer, songwriter, and producer. He has been involved in the creation of various music projects, both as a solo artist and in collaboration with other musicians. 5. Musical Collaborations: Throughout his career, Aaron Reid has collaborated with several notable artists, contributing to their music production and songwriting. His collaborations span across different genres, showcasing his versatility and creativity. 6. Entrepreneurial Ventures: Apart from his involvement in the music industry, Aaron Reid has also ventured into entrepreneurship. He has been associated with various business endeavors, although specific details about these ventures are not widely known. 7. Personal Life: Information regarding Aaron Reid's personal life is relatively limited. He prefers to keep his personal affairs private, and thus, details about his relationships, if any, are not publicly available. 8. Social Media Presence: Aaron Reid maintains a presence on social media platforms, including Instagram, where he shares updates about his music, projects, and personal life. His social media accounts provide a glimpse into his professional endeavors and creative pursuits. 9. Philanthropic Activities: Aaron Reid has been involved in philanthropic endeavors, supporting various charitable causes. However, specific details about his philanthropic work are not extensively documented. 10. Future Endeavors: As a public figure, Aaron Reid continues to explore new opportunities and expand his creative horizons. His passion for music and entrepreneurship suggests